1 – 8 September 2018 | James Jewell | A week to enjoy, nourish, explore and deepen your practice

1 – 8 September 2018 | James Jewell | A week to enjoy, nourish, explore and deepen your practice

“A week to enjoy, nourish, explore and deepen your practice – beginning, most importantly, from where you are.”

Love is the base, fabric and essence of life. Through our Hearts and our Hearts alone, we realize this truth. Yoga is one way into our Hearts to cultivate a path with love. And as Love itself, Yoga is for everyone and anyone and is not limited to any particular body type, age or set of beliefs.

My intention as a teacher is to provide an explorative environment whereloving kindness can prevail, both to ourselves, our fellow companions (and life itself). Safe, enjoyable and at times creatively, playfully fun –  where our natural, joyful movement, as nature intended, can be reclaimed. I use an intuitive approach whereby the teaching can be adapted to suit the person/group. I like to be as creative as possible to encourage, stimulate and deepen the practice and self enquiry. Small sensory movements are often practiced to heighten awareness, prepare and kneed the body, like dough -before entering other more classical postures. As such the rhythm of a session can vary enormously – sometimes with flowing sequences, other times with long-held postures and always with self-reflecting meditations and relaxations to heal and merge personal with universal. Sometimes partner work too is practiced to give, receive, learn from and appreciate the experience with others.
You do not need to be able to do headstands, shoulderstands, handstands or advanced back bends to come along and participate on the courses!
Rather I am far more interested in the quality of experience brought to each person’s  journey rather than the attainment of any physical posture. While any session may contain some more “challenging” postures, everyone is always given alternative options so that they can practice safely and wisely.
This is an integral part of the practice, one in which everyone is always encouraged to dive within themselves – to feel, question, listen and explore. Hence discovering the deep, deep springs of wisdom, energy and creativity always lying there within. To remember and realise this truth and follow the direction of self reliance and self responsibility. You are, in truth, the only person who can perceive what is happening inside you! Awareness to this truth is to then consciously walk the path of freedom through our lives.

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