20-27 May 2017 | Victoria Fox |Spring Time Vinyasa Yoga Retreat

20-27 May 2017 | Victoria Fox |Spring Time Vinyasa Yoga Retreat

Join me for a week of yoga, deepening your practice and understanding of yoga. Each day the practices will have a different focus and take place either outside in the woods or overlooking the sea or inside in a yoga space carved into the rocks.

The Morning practice will be a dynamic flow to help you bring out the best in yourself first thing. Energizing your body and focusing and calming your mind. Connecting with the creative energy of the morning. The day will then be yours to relax or explore. Sunset practice will allow you to unwind and wind down. A more gentle practice to gently open the body and then prepare for deep relaxation. We will then nourish the body in a deep restorative practice, allowing the body to rest, digest, restore and renew. Both practices will include meditation.

Cost of the retreat includes transfer from airport to Ithaca on the Saturday afternoon, accommodation, and Mediterranean cooking of three meals a day using best local produce.

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