10-17 June 2017| Nahid de Belgeonne & Ruth McNeil |   A Magical Week

10-17 June 2017| Nahid de Belgeonne & Ruth McNeil | A Magical Week

There was just the right balance between being included in the group and being allowed to be alone as well. The venue had just the right degree of luxury . It was a hugely enjoyable and thought provoking week. I really thought it was good value when taking into consideration the venue, all the food and of course top class yoga!”

Join us on a magical week on the poetic island of Ithaca at the stylish Itha108 yoga retreat. You will enjoy mindful teaching, delicious vegetarian food and great company as well as the stunning remote beaches, all within walkable distance. This is a yoga holiday not a retreat so expect to unravel from the stresses of your life, rebalance your nervous system, have great conversations and smile a lot!

But, we take our yoga seriously too! You will be led by Good Vibes Founder Nahid de Belgeonne and Ruth McNeil, founding Glow Yoga and Pilates teacher. We will guide you through an intelligently sequenced dynamic practice in the morning and a deeply soothing restorative practice in the evenings. We will practice on a beautiful shala under a canopy of sun dappled trees. You will get the attention of two teachers and 5 hours of yoga a day.

Friends, Nahid and Ruth, share similar values in their mindful and creative teaching and their recognition of the importance of cultivating awareness in the body but have diverse approaches so you’ll have a layered experience plus plenty of attention, and hands on adjusts. They teach with humour and are passionate about sharing the joys of yoga with you. 

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