28 September – 5 October | Emily Reed & Gabriella Burnel | Tired of the concrete, car fumes?

28 September – 5 October | Emily Reed & Gabriella Burnel | Tired of the concrete, car fumes?

Seeking switch-off and ….SPACE?

Join Emily Reed & Gabriella Burnel for ITHACA – The HEART of Living Retreat

Journey through a “5 Elements Framework” – a unique road map to the HEART of everyday well-being.

Cultivate inner peace and connection in body, mind, relationships amongst busy modern day life.


Movement- Yoga asana & creative moves – Meditation – Breath work – Ayurveda – Sound – Sacred – Chants – Guided Relaxation – Unplug – Peel back the layers: Observe, Reflect – Rest


  • Streams of golden September sun warming your face as you breathe, meditate and move
  • Floating in turquoise waters
  • Infinite, deep blue horizons
  • Glowing sun sets accompanied by the sweetness of Sanskrit sounds, music and songs

DID you know?

  • A regular daily routine for eating, sleeping, moving, breathing with appropriate time to pause, reflect and connect, optimises health, productivity as well as inner peace and calm.
  • Group chanting releases tension, increases endorphins, soothes the body, refines focus and will help free the (monkey) mind from agitation.

Let this be a week to UNPICK knots…

Join senior yoga teacher, 5 Elements framework coach, and Ayurvedic health counsellor Emily Reed in collaboration with Sanskrit teacher, Alexander technique therapist, and international singer & song-writer Gabriella Burnel for a final end of Summer Hurrah!

Is this for ME?

YES! If you want to:

  • Move, breath, REST and reflect
  • Enhance clarity, inner peace and calm
  • Learn Heart of Living- 5 Elements tools to feel  and LIVE better
  • Share a week with an open, like-minded group
  • Learn to manage and maximise on your energy levels

If you are open to:

  • Sound, music, chants and song (especially when the sounds/chants are designed to boost productivity, focus and overall health!)
  • Bathing in Greek island turquoise waters
  • Silent mornings
  • Massage/Treatments
  • Vegetarian, authentic Greek food
  • Self inquiry – peel back the layers


Built in to the ancient rocky landscape, a short walk from the beach, is our venue: Itha108.

Emily & Gabriella will hold the sacred space for the week as you journey through the 5 elements framework with movement, breath work, healing mantras, sound and chanting, and journaling/reflection amidst the abundant beauty of the 5 elements in the natural surroundings.


MAIN HOUSE: All rooms have en suite bathrooms

SHARED twin: £1240



Private studio separate from the main house with en-suite and large double bed. This a lovely space, set aside form the main house and yurts.

SHARED: £1340

SINGLE: £1700


Set amongst the trees and under the starry skies, the yurts were designed by the owner of the venue- these are beautifully peaceful and exquisite spaces to sleep in. They are all designed to a simple and high standard. There are are options with en suite and a shared bathroom.

LUXURY YURT with en-suite:

SHARED twin: £1340

SINGLE:   £1590

YURT with en-suite:

SHARED twin: £1290

SINGLE: £1490

YURT with shared (separate shared bathrooms/no en-suite):

SHARED twin: £1140

SINGLE: £1340

For payment details & cancellation policy, please see BOOKING FORM. Full payment required by 1st April 2019.



Email Emily: Greek island retreat

Email Gabriella: Greek Island Retreat


  • 3-4 hours daily of slow flow yoga, creative movement, meditation, breathing practices
  • Energy management techniques- 5 Elements framework; Alexander technique for posture and ease
  • Daily sacred sound/music and chants –experience how sound and chants can optimise health, wellbeing, productivity, and creativity
  • Discussion about the HEART of Living: the 5 elements methods
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Transfer from the airport to Ithaca upon arrival (NB: ONLY if travelling as a group. Not for single transfers. If you arrive separate from the rest of the group you need to make your own way to Ithaca.)
  • Authentic and delicious Mediterranean cooking including three meals a day for the duration of your stay using the best local produce
  •  Daily housekeeping
  •  Beach towels
  •  Homemade calendula face cream

What’s NOT included

  • Flights to Kefalonia, the neighbouring island to Ithaca. There is no airport on Ithaca. Ideally we take the same flight from London and take a transit boat from Kefalonia (35 mins) to Ithaca.
  • Treatments/Massages- Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reiki
  • One-to-one sound healing sessions and/or Alexander Technique with Gabriella
  • One-to-one HEART of Living- 5 Elements coaching and/or Ayurvedic digestive health consultations with Emily
  • Excursions- you are welcome to explore the island during the afternoons, hire a car, scooter
  • Dining outside the venue
  • Guided hikes to the Mycenae ruins



Saturday 28th September 2019

6am London Gatwick – Kefalonia 11.20am

3hrs 20 mins Non-Stop

Thomas Cook Airlines MT1460

Airbus A321


Saturday 5th October 2019

12.20pm Kefalonia – London Gatwick 1.50pm

3 hrs 30 mins Non-Stop

Thomas Cook Airlines MT1461

Airbus A321

(Easy Jet also run flights to Kefalonia, but their schedule for post September 2019 is not yet published). NB: if you book separately please ensure you arrive at the same time as the majority to get the FREE transfer to Ithaca. 

Flights will continue to increase we suggest you book sooner rather than later!

The sublime and sacred Ithaca sea


ITHA108s offers one return courtesy transit from KEFALONIA to ITHACA for a group of 12 persons minimum.

If we are less then 12 people meeting on the day- there will be an additional cost of 20 EUROS each way for the water taxi transport.

NB: If you cannot make it in time with the group you need to pay for your own transit from KEFALONIA (the neighbouring island to ITHACA). 

For further information please contact Emily:

For more information or to download the booking form please see:
Or email the facilitators:
Gabriella Burnel: Gabriella.edwina@gmail.com







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