28 September – 5 October | Emily Reed & Gabriella Burnel | Tired of the concrete, car fumes?

28 September – 5 October | Emily Reed & Gabriella Burnel | Tired of the concrete, car fumes?

ITHACA – The HEART of Living Retreat

With Emily Reed

& Gabriella Burnel

September 28, 2019 – October 5, 2019


Soften the lens

Unpick the knots

Refine the focus

Refuel for Autumn

Discover the HEART of Living on Ithaca


A week to EMPTY your Mind and FILL your SOUL

Movement – Meditation – Breath work – Ayurveda – Sound – Sacred – Sanskrit Chants – Guided Relaxation

Unplug – Peel back the layers – Observe, Rest, Reflect

Join senior yoga teacher and Holistic Ayurvedic health counsellor Emily Reed in collaboration with Sanskrit teacher and international singer Gabriella Burnel to bask in last sunshine rays before the Autumn fully descends.


 7.30am – Morning contemplations: breath work, meditation & sound/chanting

 8.30am – Breakfast

 11.15am- Movement practices- Yoga asana, creative movement

 1pm- Lunch

 5pm- Afternoon practice- slow flow, restore, Sanskrit sounds/chants

 6.30pm- Dinner


The intention behind this retreat (aside from sunshine, sea, LAUGHTER and a break away) is a time to reflect on your overall state of health in body, mind, relationships and with life.

It is a time to learn and utilize tools that can transform and enhance wellness and prosperity on a daily basis.

It is a time to come together as a collective and generate positive intention within ourselves.

Through quantum physics and osmosis this is also a time for channeling greater wellness and sustainability to loved ones, our communities and society, for a happier, more harmonious world and planet.

To facilitate the retreat, it is important the venue becomes a stable and neutral space for all participants.

There are a couple of specifics we ask you to acknowledge during the week:

  • The daily rhythms (meals times etc) and rituals (practices) are designed in line with our bio- rhythms to support and enhance your wellness and experience during this retreat.
  • Vegetarian food will be served throughout the week at the venue (no meat, no fish).
  • Meals this week favor lightly cooked organic vegetables, grains, legumes etc over raw foods (minimal salads) with the exception of fresh fruit. This will help strengthen the digestive health (AGNI) and support a deeper experience of the retreat and the practices.
  • No alcohol is served at the venue during the retreat. There will be an official group dinner evening out where you of course have the option to choose as you wish.


Whilst alcohol /stimulants and meat/fish and eating late in the evening maybe a daily part of life for you – we ask you to be willing to omit these props and habits during your stay and observe the your body and mind without these substances. This all contributes to greater depth, experience and insight during the retreat.

Finally- it keeps the retreat venue as a neutral space for all.

We look forward to sharing this week’s adventure with you!

For more information & BOOKING please see: 

WEB: emily-reed.com/the-5-elements.

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/events/328263307954585/



Emily guides people to greater productivity, creativity and freedom in their lives by creating a supportive platform for their health and well-being.

Her key focus overall is on “energy management”. Through the 5 Elements wellness approach she assist people to recognise and curb “all or nothing” and “burn out” syndromes.

As a Facilitator and Guide she creates a space and a structure for people to feel comfortable as they open themselves to the possibility of greater health and a sustainable way of living.

Emily is a holistic health coach: a 500hr ERYT yoga teacher/yoga teacher trainer; meditation teacher; Unitive Life and personal development coach; Ayurvedic Health Counsellor, therapist and Energy worker. She offers one-to-one sessions for Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic consultations, wellbeing coaching as well as group workshops, courses and retreats in the UK and internationally.


Gabriella first came into contact with Sanskrit as a little girl hearing it from her parents. She went on to study it at school, at the University of Oxford, and continues her learning to this day both in London and with yearly visits to her teachers in India. The study of Sanskrit enriches her life, through the wealth of its magnificent scriptural texts and the sounds of the language, and she knows it can enrich yours too. Gabriella sounds Sanskrit daily and credits this with helping her navigate the vicissitudes of existence! Gabriella regularly records and has recently released a new album.

Alongside Sanskrit, Gabriella sings, teaches Alexander Technique and Yoga/Mediation, and leads monthly Vedic Chanting/Kirtan sessions in London and beyond.

See www.gabriellaburnel.com

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