07 – 14 September 2019 | Ingrid Gottschalk |Odyssey of Food and Yoga

07 – 14 September 2019 | Ingrid Gottschalk |Odyssey of Food and Yoga

retreats 2019

Itha108 is a Grecian island retreat set in a place of outstanding natural beauty, providing a space specifically for peace, relaxation and practice.

 Ingrid’s Biography

Ingrid grew up on the Swiss-German boarder but found her home in London in the late seventies, where she began a twenty-year career in finance and raised three daughters. After initially discovering yoga in 2001, Ingrid decided to train as a teacher in 2010, specializing in Vinyasa Flow, at Brahmani Yoga, Goa, India.

Ithaca is the backdrop for her beloved project, Itha108, which she designed and managed over 4 years alongside teaching public and private classes for locals and holidaymakers alike. Ingrid has succeeded in her vision for Itha108 that combines her eye for lifestyle design with providing a beautiful space to practice, teach and share.

Destination and Transport:

The nearest airport is on Kefalonia, our neighbouring island and transit to the retreat is included in the price.

The price for the week:

  • £1000 per person based on two sharing a room in the main house
  • £1,250 per person based on single occupancy in the main house
  • £1050 per person based on two sharing the stone house studio
  • £1350 per person based on single occupancy the stone house studio
  • £1000 per person based on sharing a luxury yurt en-suit bathroom
  • £1,250 per person based on single occupancy luxury yurt en-suite bathroom
  • £950 per person based on sharing a yurt with en-suit bathroom
  • £1,150 per person based on single occupancy yurt with bathroom
  • £900 per person based on two sharing a yurt, shared bathroom
  • £1,100 per person based on single occupancy in a yurt, shared bathroom

 Price include:

  • Group transit from and to the airport by bus/taxi, sea taxi, ferry
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast/brunch, lunch, tea and dinner
  • Various hot and cold drinks/water/fruit/nuts/cakes/biscuits
  • Beach towels
  • Vinyasa flow yoga lessons each morning 1.45 – 2 hour
  • Yin or Restorative yoga each afternoon 1.5 hour
  • Yoga mats, blocks, belts, bolsters and blankets
  • Infused olive soap, Basil or Sage
  • Calendula face balm
  • Internet connection
  • Taxes

Excluding (available at an extra cost):

  • Alcohol
  • Soft fizzy drinks
  • Laundry & Ironing

Terms & Conditions:

  • non-refundable deposit of £200 when you book
  • final payment four weeks before the retreat starts 


  • Our water is collected rainwater and used in moderation, but not spare.  Six bedrooms in the main house are air-conditioned
  • Please bring your own yoga water bottle for refilling with filtered water

Dining overlooking the sea:

  • Breakfast buffet in morning sun/shaded by trees/or pergola
  • Lunch buffet under a pergola
  • Dinner served on a terrace under a canapé of stars


  • Multi fusion vegetarian meals with fresh fish as an option (local organic products)
  • Special dietary requirements; please tell us in advance

Daily House Keeping:

  • Rooms and yurts are cleaned every morning
  • Mid-week change of bath and beach towels

Therapy and Treatments: 

  • A serene cool and shady area behind the main house is ideal for treatments or the indoor shala if you prefer
  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • A combination of Swedish Massage or deep tissue-sports massage

Beaches and Activities:

  • 3 beaches are less than 5 walking minutes below the retreat
  • Kayaks and other water sports for rent
  • Car, scooter and bikes for rent
  • Scuba-diving facility
  • Homers House; Odysseus Palace and birth place a 3.5 hour guided tour. Other walks are available depending on the month
  • A well stocked library
  • Backgammon table, cards and other games
  • Gift shop for browsing

Arriving and Departure Times:

  • Day of arrival the retreat is open after 15:00 and serves tea, fruit, cake and dinner only
  • Day of departure all rooms have to be vacated by 08:00, breakfast is served from 07:00
  • Retreat to be departed by 08:30 the latest
14 – 21 September 2019 | Victoria Fox | A Gentle Retreat

14 – 21 September 2019 | Victoria Fox | A Gentle Retreat

retreats 2019

almost sold out – 2 yurt’s left

There will be a morning practice using breath and movement to energise and nourish the body.
The evening practice will be restorative or yin allowing us to switch off from the hum of our everyday lives, digest whatever is going on, restore and renew the body.
We will also explore the healing benefits of meditation and chanting .
for details vickyfox-yoga.com

for further information and booking a place email@victoriafox.com

21 – 28 September | Nicole Page Croft | A week long Yoga Immersion “Layers of Being”

21 – 28 September | Nicole Page Croft | A week long Yoga Immersion “Layers of Being”

retreats 2019
Genuine well-being is a multi-layered experience and requires tending to the body, the heart and the mind. Following the yogic map of the ‘kosha’s’ or layers of being, we will use asana, pranayama and meditation to explore and rebalance ourselves holistically – with the aim of ending the week entirely replenished and rejuvenated. 
There will be two hours of dynamic yoga practice every morning, and then a more restorative evening session, held across the three different yoga shalas. 
For more information or to book go to



28 September – 5 October | Emily Reed & Gabriella Burnel | Tired of the concrete, car fumes?

28 September – 5 October | Emily Reed & Gabriella Burnel | Tired of the concrete, car fumes?

retreats 2019

Seeking switch-off and ….SPACE?

Join Emily Reed & Gabriella Burnel for ITHACA – The HEART of Living Retreat

Journey through a “5 Elements Framework” – a unique road map to the HEART of everyday well-being.

Cultivate inner peace and connection in body, mind, relationships amongst busy modern day life.


Movement- Yoga asana & creative moves – Meditation – Breath work – Ayurveda – Sound – Sacred – Chants – Guided Relaxation – Unplug – Peel back the layers: Observe, Reflect – Rest


  • Streams of golden September sun warming your face as you breathe, meditate and move
  • Floating in turquoise waters
  • Infinite, deep blue horizons
  • Glowing sun sets accompanied by the sweetness of Sanskrit sounds, music and songs

DID you know?

  • A regular daily routine for eating, sleeping, moving, breathing with appropriate time to pause, reflect and connect, optimises health, productivity as well as inner peace and calm.
  • Group chanting releases tension, increases endorphins, soothes the body, refines focus and will help free the (monkey) mind from agitation.

Let this be a week to UNPICK knots…

Join senior yoga teacher, 5 Elements framework coach, and Ayurvedic health counsellor Emily Reed in collaboration with Sanskrit teacher, Alexander technique therapist, and international singer & song-writer Gabriella Burnel for a final end of Summer Hurrah!

Is this for ME?

YES! If you want to:

  • Move, breath, REST and reflect
  • Enhance clarity, inner peace and calm
  • Learn Heart of Living- 5 Elements tools to feel  and LIVE better
  • Share a week with an open, like-minded group
  • Learn to manage and maximise on your energy levels

If you are open to:

  • Sound, music, chants and song (especially when the sounds/chants are designed to boost productivity, focus and overall health!)
  • Bathing in Greek island turquoise waters
  • Silent mornings
  • Massage/Treatments
  • Vegetarian, authentic Greek food
  • Self inquiry – peel back the layers


Built in to the ancient rocky landscape, a short walk from the beach, is our venue: Itha108.

Emily & Gabriella will hold the sacred space for the week as you journey through the 5 elements framework with movement, breath work, healing mantras, sound and chanting, and journaling/reflection amidst the abundant beauty of the 5 elements in the natural surroundings.


MAIN HOUSE: All rooms have en suite bathrooms

SHARED twin: £1240



Private studio separate from the main house with en-suite and large double bed. This a lovely space, set aside form the main house and yurts.

SHARED: £1340

SINGLE: £1700


Set amongst the trees and under the starry skies, the yurts were designed by the owner of the venue- these are beautifully peaceful and exquisite spaces to sleep in. They are all designed to a simple and high standard. There are are options with en suite and a shared bathroom.

LUXURY YURT with en-suite:

SHARED twin: £1340

SINGLE:   £1590

YURT with en-suite:

SHARED twin: £1290

SINGLE: £1490

YURT with shared (separate shared bathrooms/no en-suite):

SHARED twin: £1140

SINGLE: £1340

For payment details & cancellation policy, please see BOOKING FORM. Full payment required by 1st April 2019.



Email Emily: Greek island retreat

Email Gabriella: Greek Island Retreat


  • 3-4 hours daily of slow flow yoga, creative movement, meditation, breathing practices
  • Energy management techniques- 5 Elements framework; Alexander technique for posture and ease
  • Daily sacred sound/music and chants –experience how sound and chants can optimise health, wellbeing, productivity, and creativity
  • Discussion about the HEART of Living: the 5 elements methods
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Transfer from the airport to Ithaca upon arrival (NB: ONLY if travelling as a group. Not for single transfers. If you arrive separate from the rest of the group you need to make your own way to Ithaca.)
  • Authentic and delicious Mediterranean cooking including three meals a day for the duration of your stay using the best local produce
  •  Daily housekeeping
  •  Beach towels
  •  Homemade calendula face cream

What’s NOT included

  • Flights to Kefalonia, the neighbouring island to Ithaca. There is no airport on Ithaca. Ideally we take the same flight from London and take a transit boat from Kefalonia (35 mins) to Ithaca.
  • Treatments/Massages- Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reiki
  • One-to-one sound healing sessions and/or Alexander Technique with Gabriella
  • One-to-one HEART of Living- 5 Elements coaching and/or Ayurvedic digestive health consultations with Emily
  • Excursions- you are welcome to explore the island during the afternoons, hire a car, scooter
  • Dining outside the venue
  • Guided hikes to the Mycenae ruins



Saturday 28th September 2019

6am London Gatwick – Kefalonia 11.20am

3hrs 20 mins Non-Stop

Thomas Cook Airlines MT1460

Airbus A321


Saturday 5th October 2019

12.20pm Kefalonia – London Gatwick 1.50pm

3 hrs 30 mins Non-Stop

Thomas Cook Airlines MT1461

Airbus A321

(Easy Jet also run flights to Kefalonia, but their schedule for post September 2019 is not yet published). NB: if you book separately please ensure you arrive at the same time as the majority to get the FREE transfer to Ithaca. 

Flights will continue to increase we suggest you book sooner rather than later!

The sublime and sacred Ithaca sea


ITHA108s offers one return courtesy transit from KEFALONIA to ITHACA for a group of 12 persons minimum.

If we are less then 12 people meeting on the day- there will be an additional cost of 20 EUROS each way for the water taxi transport.

NB: If you cannot make it in time with the group you need to pay for your own transit from KEFALONIA (the neighbouring island to ITHACA). 

For further information please contact Emily:

For more information or to download the booking form please see:
Or email the facilitators:
Gabriella Burnel: Gabriella.edwina@gmail.com







12 – 19 October 2019 | Ina Kristine Lovdal | Yin & Yang Yoga Retreat

12 – 19 October 2019 | Ina Kristine Lovdal | Yin & Yang Yoga Retreat

retreats 2019
“This Retreat is given in Norwegian” 
Yin & Yang Yoga blends both a dynamic yang yoga flow practice, with slow and soft yin yoga of long held poses.
There will be a morning class with yin & yang yoga, and a afternoon class with yin yoga, soft
qigong movements, mindfulness meditation and yoga nidra.
You will receive yoga massage in the yin yoga poses and we will use some essential oils for self massage.
The week will be at spa treat form the inside and outside!
Gunn Helene Arsky will assist Ina, and she will also give some lectures in nutrition.


For further information and booking a place please contact directly:



19 – 26 October 2019 | Heather Prete, Jahna & Michael Perricone | Healing the Heart

19 – 26 October 2019 | Heather Prete, Jahna & Michael Perricone | Healing the Heart

retreats 2019
The path to resiliency and compassion
Amongst the serene waters of the Ionian Sea, perched atop a rolling hill of olive groves, ancient trees, and stunning views, we invite you to join us on the path to the heart.
Senior Self Compassion and UCLA Mindfulness teacher Heather Prete joins Michael and Jahna Perricone for an extraordinary week of mediation, yoga, and sound bath healing.These celebrated teachers come together once a year to offer this special event at Ithaca108. 
Healing the Heart includes daily teachings based on ancient wisdom, the neuroscience of mindfulness, and heart practices that have the power to transform all difficulties into wisdom and insight.  Heather’s teaching are accessible to both new and advanced practitioners and she is celebrated for her warmth, humour, and palatable field of compassion.

Heather’s 2017 itha108 retreat was listed as one of the top 10 wellness retreats in Greece by Culture Trip online magazine.
During this transformational week, Michael and Jahna will be offering nightly sound baths, featuring Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, chimes, music and voice.  These experiences will focus on opening pathways through the chakras with an emphasis on the heart!  Jahna will also be offering mindful movement and voice toning in the mornings to prepare the body’s vibratory portals as we awaken to ever-present love.
This retreat is all inclusive, providing gourmet vegetarian meals, luxurious accommodations, a boating day on the sea, time to release stress on the beautiful beaches, as well options for hiking, massage, and daily excursions. Pricing ranges per person $1200-$2700 depending on chosen accommodations.
Sample Itinerary:
Yoga and Stretching
-Vegetarian Breakfast overlooking the sea
-Teachings on Self  Compassion

-Guided Meditation to heal and expand the heart
-Vegetarian Lunch overlooking the sea. (option of fresh caught fish)
-Hiking in the hills 
-Teachings on Resiliency 
-Guided Meditation to est in Equinamity
-Swimming in the ocean
-Vocal toning practices to open the heart and clear obstacles
-Vegetarian Dinner watching the sun set over the sea.(option of fresh caught fish)
-Privates with Heather or mindful vocal lessons with Jahna
-Stargazing meditation

 Please view the Itha108 website to view offered rooms. Once you’ve selected your accommodations, you may send an email inquiry for pricing and availability to:




Katerina Karatzi
Traditional Thai Massage
“Traditional Thai Massage” or “nuad Thai” is an ancient healing system and one of the three main branches of traditional Thai medicine.
It is carried out on a mat on the floor and the recipient wears light clothing. The therapist uses thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet. It combines muscle compression, joint mobilization, acupressure (“sen lines”- Thai Meridians) and stretching. The strength might be soft medium or hard dependent on sensibility, flexibility and level of muscular tension.
It’s a wonderful combination of energy and physical exercise for body and mind alike with benefits such as: relief of myoskeletal pain, improvement of the posture and body alignment, improvement of the mobility in the joints, relief from stress and strain, creation of feeling of wellness and rejuvenation.
Sessions: Half -body, 60 min / Full body, 90-120 min
Traditional Thai Foot Massage (Reflexology)
“Traditional Thai Foot Massage” is known as a therapy to foster general good health and mental serenity. It’s a massage of the feet and also lower legs. It is both invigorating and deeply relaxing and uses hands, fingers, thumbs, stretching, acupressure and a rounded wooden stick with oil.
Thai foot Massage is really effective for tired feet, improves circulation and lymph movement, reduces stiffness and improves flexibility, lifts your mood and leaves you with a general feeling of tranquility, calmness and wellbeing.
Session: 60 min

Swedish (Holistic) Massage with essential oils:
Swedish massage is consisted of five basic techniques:
• “Effleurage”, that is fast gentle movements that elevate body temperature
• “Petrissage”, that activates smoothly the muscles
• “ Tapotement”, gently raps with the side of the palm
• “Friction”, where with the help of all fingers are massaged the hard and the inflexible muscles
• “Trembling”, where with the entire palm put pressure while vibrating the hard joints of the muscle.
Swedish massage is applied to the whole body from the head and face to the legs and it helps reduce muscle tension, improves circulation and metabolism, removes toxins from the tissues, decreases stress and balances the body’s energy.
Sessions: ( back, hands, neck)-45 min / Full Back Body- 60 min/ Full body and Face- 90 min

Katerina Karatzi was born in Chalkida, Greece, in 1986.
At the age of 18 she moved to Athens to study as an “Inspector of Public Health”.
For the past 8 years she has been a professional African dance performer, giving classes to adults and children.
Five years ago, her fascination for the human body led her to train as a Holistic massage therapist, also learning Traditional Thai massage and Thai foot massage from renowned teachers.
She continues her training, receiving instruction on the Pilates method and other types of massage.

11 Under-the-Radar Yoga Retreats You’ll Want to Book Now

11 Under-the-Radar Yoga Retreats You’ll Want to Book Now

Reviews & Press

Our vacation-wanted ad: Have mat, will travel. Skip pedestrian sightseeing tours, questionable food, and creaky joints. Bring on sacred sights, built-in yoga friends, real nourishment, and communion with our mat twice a day. Oh, and move the needle of our life, por favor.
There are at least 108 reasons to embark on a yoga retreat. Instead of fleeting fun, take a deep dive where landscape and heart intersect. Cross your desert, row your boat, and chase your star—bookending the day in Downward Dog. Forget scrambling for a hotel gym or trying to translate “organic, gluten-free, vegetarian, and Ayurvedic” in another language. For yogis, getting away doesn’t get better than a yoga retreat.

But where to start? We scanned the yoga globe and scoped out 11 off-the-beaten-mat gems to spark your wanderlust. From Cuba to Costa Rica, Iceland to India, bathe in the forest, soak in the spring, sing with a villager, dance in the jungle, bow to the world’s wonders, or simply sit in silence. The choices are as infinite as yoga itself.

Yoga and Serenity on the Island of Ithaca, Greece

July 29–August 5, 2017 and August 5–12, 2017
Bow to the azure waters of this mythical island with little more than passing sailboats and grazing goats to distract you. Home to legendary hero Odysseus, some say this sleepy isle hasn’t changed much since Homer’s epic poem. Ithaca is, perhaps, the perfect place for yoga. There are only a few thousand permanent residents on the wild, jagged patch of land, and the elegant Itha108 Yoga Retreat & Creative Resort has no traffic to speak of. Seattle teacher Jodi Boone is leading two back-to-back retreats for sunbathing, stargazing yogis who want to step back in time. Start the day with meditation and an active Hatha practice from the wooden yoga platform, and wind down with yin and restorative from an indoor shala. In between, dive into the silvery waters of the Ionian Sea, get a Thai yoga massage, or cozy up in an Indian daybed on the veranda. The lodge is carved into a rocky hillside with a crisp white minimalism, every object handpicked with a globetrotter’s flair—Indian artifacts dotted around the stone fireplace, for instance. Indulge in mushroom polenta tarts and cinnamon-butter griddled peaches, all seasonal, organic fare straight from the island (or the one next door).

Learn more jodiboone.com
Read full article: http://www.yogajournal.com/slideshow/11-under-the-radar-yoga-retreats/#6

25 of the best yoga holidays and retreats

25 of the best yoga holidays and retreats

Reviews & Press

Yoga trips can change lives but finding the right one may sap your core strength before you’ve even started. Our picks – from Goa to Greece via Yorkshire – will make your quest more relaxing.

You can’t move for downward dog opportunities these days. The explosion of yoga in western countries means there’s a studio on every other street and such a variety of styles and options, that choosing a holiday or retreat can be overwhelming. So where to start? It makes sense to try a weekend away before committing to a whole week. One possibility is to choose a teacher you know or like the sound of and see if they’re running anything that suits. Or you could pick a venue you fancy and see what teachers are hosting holidays there. Think about what you want too – some combine yoga with other activities (maybe good for those with non-yogi partners), some are vegan, some don’t ban booze – it’s always worth asking before you book.

Hatha in Ithaca, Greece

Itha 108, Ithaca, Greece

International teachers lead different weeks between May and October at Itha108, a gorgeous island retreat just five minutes from the Ionian sea, where accommodation is split between a Venetian-style house and five Mongolian-style yurts. All levels will enjoy weeks with Laura Gilmore, director of Bristol City Yoga, who teaches two, two-hour long hatha yoga classes a day, the second being a restorative class. Fish is served for those who want it, alongside the veggie meals.
• From £925pp (in a yurt) sharing for 7 nights, 20 guests. Next runs 1-8 July, bristolcityyoga.co.uk B

Full article: https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2017/jan/01/25-of-the-best-yoga-holidays-and-retreats

Marc Newson’s 10 Favourite Things

Marc Newson’s 10 Favourite Things

Reviews & Press

Australian designer and 
Qantas ambassador Marc Newson on the things that bring him the most joy.

1. WIM DELVOYE He’s a contemporary artist who does upholstered pigs [Usak, 2001, top left], and he tattooed some pigs once. He also makes gothic dump trucks.

2. ITHA108 I love this yoga retreat in Ithaca, Greece, which is run by my friend Ingrid Gottschalk and overlooks the sea.

3. RICHARD STEPNEY I see him for haircuts at Fourth Floor whenever I’m in London.

4. A WOODEN tanuki — a Japanese raccoon dog — is my most treasured household item. They are good luck. It just sits by the front door and looks at us.

5. OLIVE OIL The best souvenir I’ve brought home is a 15-litre can of fresh-pressed olive oil made on our land in Ithaca. It sounds exotic, but everyone does it there; it’s like mowing your lawn. It’s a lovely reminder of summer and we use it every day.

6. CLARIDGE’S in London is my favourite hotel.

7. SCOTT’S OR 34 in London are my favourite food spots. I also love Harry’s Café de Wheels pie 
van in Sydney — it’s a must-visit when I am home.

8. the LOUIS VUITTON SUITCASE that I designed. The suitcase is incredibly lightweight with an unparalleled large interior volume. This is due to the anodised aluminium extendable cane being relocated from inside the trunk to the outside, adding both structure and strength, as well as substantially increasing the all-important interior packing space. It also removes the awkward bumps and ridges normally associated with internal cane mechanisms.

9. MY GRAND PRIX BUGATTI I started to collect cars about four years ago. This is one of my favourites.

10. FOUNTAIN PENS I love fountain pens because they get used to you. The nib changes. They develop an angle according to your movement, which is why you should never lend your fountain pen to anyone else. I have designed two fountain pens — one for Hermès and one for Montblanc [left] — and 
I love writing with them.

Full article: http://www.vogue.com.au/vogue+living/design/galleries/marc+newsons+10+favourite+things,41344