27 July – 03 August 2019 | Jodi Boone | Deep Peace Retreat

27 July – 03 August 2019 | Jodi Boone | Deep Peace Retreat

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Luxury yoga retreat on the stunning island of Ithaca

Join Jodi for a week at the stunning Itha108 Retreat, situated on the Ionian Sea. Leave the stresses and responsibilities of daily life for a week of deep peace and relaxation. The mornings will begin with an active and energizing hatha flow yoga practice. After, you’ll enjoy a delicious breakfast. The rest of the day is yours to swim in the sea, bask in the sun, rest, relax, read or explore the idyllic island of Ithaca. Lunch is served during our break, and we meet again in the early evening for a quiet yin and restorative yoga practice. Our evening practice is followed by a delicious dinner under the stars. During our week together there will be two group excursion options, including a day-long boating trip visiting several island that are only accessible by boat. Additionally, we will have a morning meditation and watch the sunrise at the Kathara Monastery, which sits atop the highest point on the island (these excursions cost extra). Shopping and lunch trips are also available for individual excursions for those who wish.
About Jodi: Jodi began practicing yoga in 1987 and teaching in 2001. Her teaching style is meditative, fluid and inclusive. She is known for infusing her classes with relevant yoga philosophy, Buddhist philosophy, readings and poetry. If you are wanting a beautiful beach location, sun, yoga, as well as a retreat that takes you on a meaningful journey inward, this week will offer you the perfect balance of holiday and retreat experience.




Winter is passing – Welcome beautiful spring weather on Ithaca

Winter is passing – Welcome beautiful spring weather on Ithaca


Olympia our Itha108 dog beat me to a race to the beach. A glorious Sunday afternoon. Just one of the 5 small coves below the retreat, offering total privacy. Ideal for relaxation after a morning session and before dinner. Take your book, towel, water and suncream.







Olympia in her element


Winter light at sunset


Come and experience the silence, energy, atmosphere yourself

Various retreats are offered under retreats and look up your teacher of your choice under teachers

Soon DOVE in April and PORTER in June publishing an article about Itha108

Book now…..see you on the mat, beach or just hanging around at the retreat offering many secluded places for you to relax – NAMASTE


Calendula Face Balm

Calendula Face Balm


Itha108 produces an organic calendula infused balm with organic almond oil, bees wax and four essential oils. Just one of the many home made products you find on the retreat.

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Flowers are handpicked and infused with the help of the spring sun before turned into a balm.

Every guest finds a small pot in their bathroom or yurt. Its an anti ageing product well liked by everyone.

A larger jar is available for you to take home.

Come and try it out.

Natasha’s retreat

Natasha’s retreat


Tash invited a small group of keen yogis to Itha108 from her studio Suzanna Ferreira Physio Therapy in Hampstead, London.

The day they arrived it was overcast, with the last bit of rain, so we had to have dinner inside. The following day a clear blue sky invited everyone for practising outside and a swim. From day to day the temperature rose to 27C and we could hardly believe it was mid October.

The photos are before and after, no explanation needed.

Tash beforeTash after 2

After day one mornings’ class everyone was looking forward to a Thai yoga massage. Instant relaxation..AMAZING!