30 August – 5 September 2020 | Julie Martin | “Begin Again” Retreat for Yoga Teachers & Brahmani Students

30 August – 5 September 2020 | Julie Martin | “Begin Again” Retreat for Yoga Teachers & Brahmani Students

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“Begin Again” Retreat for Yoga Teachers & Brahmani Students

A week of reclaiming yourself and re-inspiring your practiceA time to reclaim ourselves, shut out the rest of the world in the absolutely stunning centre that is Itha108, on the gorgeous island of Ithaca. It’s one of my favourite places in the world! Just arriving feels like exhaling a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

Learn more: https://www.brahmaniyoga.com/Yoga-Retreats/Yoga-Retreat-for-Yoga-Teachers-in-Greece

Register: https://www.brahmaniyoga.com/registration-04

A retreat just for yoga teachers & Brahmani students

Even the life of a yoga teacher can be frazzled and hectic.  We all have stories swimming around in our heads about how we need to be doing more, or better, or even the stress of feeling like we should appear to be doing things effortlessly.  We can end up in a state of expending more energy than we are allowing ourselves to receive. As with our computers and gadgets that need a good shut down when things aren’t working we also need to take time to Begin Again.  To switch off the system and get a reboot.  

This is a retreat that I’m passionate about.  I travel around the world and experience many yoga teachers and stressed out professionals who just need time to themselves, with their practices, in good company and allow some unraveling to happen.  I created this week just for that. A time to reclaim ourselves, shut out the rest of the world in the absolutely stunning centre that is Itha108, on the gorgeous island of Ithaca. It’s one of my favourite places in the world!  Just arriving feels like exhaling a breath you didn’t know you were holding.  


  • Daily somatic meditations & pranayama on the beautiful outdoor platform overlooking sea
  • Daily embodied yoga sessions
  • Delicious Vegetarian Mediterranean infused meals (mainly local organic products) 
  • Free time in the afternoons to explore the island – beach, hikes etc. Or to simply relax in the stunning setting of Itha108.
  • Evening sessions  which can include restorative practices, movement explorations, journalling or sacred dance
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Therapy and Treatment available on request (not included in price)

What to expect during the week

Each morning will begin with a pranayama and meditation on the beautiful outdoor platform overlooking the sea under the protection of trees.  We’ll move onto an asana based movement practice that will be explorative and curious throughout. This is not the time to get better at anything, it is time to continue to arrive in your body, return home and reclaim yourself.  

 Beautiful brunches on the terrace overlooking the sea will be followed by plenty of free time to go to the beach, on hikes, or relax on the number of stunning terraces throughout the property.  

 Afternoons we will reconvene for sessions that will change each day and include restorative practices, movement explorations, journalling and sacred dance.  We’ll spend evenings enjoying dinner and relaxing with the amazing views, sharing stories and creative play time. One afternoon/evening we’ll spend exploring the other side of the island.   

 If you’ve been looking to recharge your batteries and spend time in a stunning environment, amongst like minded people then this is the retreat for you.   While I’ve aimed it at teachers it is not a training and will be open to anyone who enjoys to work with the yoga practices in the way I present them.   

Price includes: 

  • 1x *group transit from and to the airport by bus/taxi, sea taxi or ferry 
  • Accomodation
  • Delicious Vegetarian meals
  • Morning and evening sessions with Julie Martin
  • Filtered water, tea, coffee etc
  • Beach towels
  • Yoga mats, block belts etc
  • Infused olive soaps & locally made face balms
  • All taxes
  • Daily house keeping

*for a fixed time for the entire group – if you are unable to make this time you must make your own way to the island at your own cost.

All prices are set per room type and are based on per person sharing a room. 

Old Library (double) – £1460 pps

Beautiful room located on the first floor with a double bed, perfect for a couple. Includes a large private terrace, en-suite bathroom and air conditioning. 

India (twin) – £1460 pps

This twin room located on the first floor has a private balcony, en-suite bathroom and air conditioning.

Raas (double) – £1245 pps

Located on the ground floor with en-suite bathroom and air conditioning. 

Mango & White (twin) – £1245 pps

2 twin rooms available. En-suite rooms with 2 x single beds and airconditioning. 

Luxury Yurts (twin) – £1245 pps

3 twin luxury yurts available. En-suite bathroom and stand up fans.

Yurt 1 (twin) – £1160 pps

Includes en-suite bathroom and stand up fan

Yurt 3 (twin) –  £1095 pps

Includes stand up fan and a shared bathroom


12 – 19 September 2020 | Ingrid Gottschalk | Grounding with Nature Yoga Retreat

12 – 19 September 2020 | Ingrid Gottschalk | Grounding with Nature Yoga Retreat

retreats & classes retreats 2019

Itha108 is a Grecian island retreat set in a place of outstanding natural beauty, providing a space specifically for peace, relaxation and practice.

 Ingrid’s Biography

Ingrid grew up on the Swiss-German boarder but found her home in London in the late seventies, where she began a twenty-year career in finance and raised three daughters. After initially discovering yoga in 2001, Ingrid decided to train as a teacher in 2010, specialising in Vinyasa Flow, at Brahmani Yoga, Goa, India.

Ithaca is the backdrop for her beloved project, Itha108, which she designed and managed over 6 years alongside teaching public and private classes for locals and holidaymakers alike. Ingrid has succeeded in her vision for Itha108 that combines her eye for lifestyle design with providing a beautiful space to practice, teach and share.

Destination and Transport:

The nearest airport is on Kefalonia, our neighbouring island and transit to the retreat is included in the price.

Prices 7 nights per person:

 First floor main house, air conditioned

Old Library and India

£1,250 per person sharing a bedroom-suit

£1,550 for single occupancy for a bedroom-suit

Ground floor main house, air conditioned

Raas, Mango, White and New York

£1000 per person sharing a room

£1250 for single occupancy

Yurts with stand-up fans and en-suite bathrooms

Amara, Sanda, Metta and Yurt I

£1000 per person sharing a luxury yurt

£1,200 for single occupancy luxury yurt

£900 per person sharing a yurt

£1,150 for single occupancy yurt

Yurt with stand-up fan and shared bathroom

Mentioned as Yurt III

£800 per person sharing a yurt

£950 for single occupancy

Room’s Mango and White are best for single occupancy

  • Group transit from and to the airport by bus/taxi, sea taxi, ferry
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner
  • Various hot and cold drinks/water/fruit/cakes/biscuits
  • Beach towels
  • Vinyasa flow yoga lessons each morning 1.45 – 2 hour
  • Yin or Restorative yoga each afternoon 1.5 hour
  • Yoga mats, blocks, belts, bolsters and blankets
  • Boat Excursion mid week
  • Infused olive soap, Basil or Sage
  • Calendula face balm
  • Internet connection
  • Taxes

Excluding (available at an extra cost):

  • Alcohol
  • Soft fizzy drinks
  • Laundry & Ironing

Terms & Conditions:

  • non-refundable deposit of £500 when you book
  • final payment four weeks before the retreat starts 


  • Our water is collected rainwater and used in moderation, but not spare.  Six bedrooms in the main house are air-conditioned
  • Please bring your own yoga water bottle for refilling with filtered water

Dining overlooking the sea:

  • Breakfast buffet in morning sun/shaded by trees/or pergola
  • Lunch buffet under a pergola
  • Dinner served on a terrace under a canapé of stars


  • Multi fusion vegetarian meals with fresh fish as an option (local organic products)
  • Special dietary requirements; please tell us in advance

Daily House Keeping:

  • Rooms and yurts are cleaned every morning
  • Mid-week change of bath and beach towels

Therapy and Treatments: 

  • A serene cool and shady area ideal for treatments or the indoor shala if you prefer
  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • A combination of Swedish Massage, deep tissue-sports massage, Thai Massage, Facial massage, Thai Foot Massage, Cupping

Beaches and Activities:

  • 3 beaches are less than 5 walking minutes below the retreat
  • Kayaks and other water sports for rent
  • Car, scooter and bikes for rent
  • Scuba-diving facility
  • Homers House; Odysseus Palace and birth place a 3.5 hour guided tour. Other walks are available
  • A well stocked library
  • Backgammon table, cards and other games
  • Gift shop for browsing

Arriving and Departure Times:

  • Day of arrival the retreat is open after 15:00 and serves tea, fruit, cake and dinner only
  • Day of departure all rooms have to be vacated by 08:00, breakfast is served from 07:00
  • Retreat to be departed by 08:30 the latest

For further information and booking a place:



3 – 10 October 2020 | Louise Gronbeck & Sandra Heavey | Yoga. Silence. Meditation. Transformation

3 – 10 October 2020 | Louise Gronbeck & Sandra Heavey | Yoga. Silence. Meditation. Transformation

retreats & classes retreats 2019


Our program alternates between hatha yoga, yin yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Meditation and Vinyasa yoga will fill our morning practise for the purpose of creating vitality and energy.

In the afternoons we will dive into a practise of self inquiry with yinmind yoga. Yinmind yoga is yin yoga infused with a mindful aproach.

Yin yoga is a meditative and immersive yoga style, where we focus more on the experience rather than the form. It is aimed at the connective tissue of the body, which is stretched and smoothed to release old tension and brings new vitality to the organs in the body while quieting and observing the mind.We are specialised in yin yoga and mindfulness and therefore the base of our teachings is a fusion between thoose two and this we call yinmind yoga.

A whole day is dedicated to meditative immersion in silence. When we are silent, we can experience and discover our bodies and senses with greater intensity. The silence will also make it clearer what draws us away from the present moment and we will be able to work with these challenges with attention and awareness.

In between the morning and afternoon yoga sessions, we will daily go to one of three beautiful beaches, just 5 minutes away on foot. The climate in October corresponds to a warm Danish summer, which makes it possible to swim in the sea, sunbathe or take a personal excursion to Kioni or Vathy – one of the beautiful island towns for shopping and cafes.

There is also the possibility of a guided island hike or you can just relax on the spot – read, take a nap, receive a massage, etc.

Everybody can participate, however, it is recommended to practice both yoga and meditation some time up to the retreat so that you are prepared for 6 days of daily practice.

The retreat is facilitated by Louise Grønbeck and Sandra Heavey. This is their second retreat to Ithaca and they have held yoga retreats in Denmark, Morocco, Italy and India for the past 8 years.

Louise Grønbeck is the owner of Yoga Vesterbro studio, Copenhagen, Dk. www.yogavesterbro.dk

Sandra Heavey is a skilled yoga teacher with over 10 years experience, you can read more about her here: www.shyoga.dk

Our aproach to yoga is non striving, but with a sense of self inquiry, where we respect the bodys natural limitations and the fokus is functional, not alignmentbased. By honoring the body we have today, we explore the possibility of letting go – at least a little – of the pressure to perform, fix, optimize and attain things through yoga. If there is a goal, it would be to let go of all preferences and engage fully with this life – just as it is.

If you have any questions please write us an Email: louise@yogavesterbro.dk






17 – 24 October 2020 | Emily Reed & Gabriella Burnel | Discover  the Heart of Living

17 – 24 October 2020 | Emily Reed & Gabriella Burnel | Discover the Heart of Living

retreats & classes retreats 2019

Discover the HEART of Living on Ithaca – A week to EMPTY your Mind and FILL your SOUL


Morning silence – Meditation – Breath work

Sanskrit – Chanting – Sacred sound

Movement – Yoga

Ayurveda – 5 elements – Nature’s balm

UN-PLUG & Peel back the layers


Join senior yoga teacher and holistic ayurvedic health counsellor Emily Reed &

international sanskrit singer & teacher Gabriella Burnel to:

Bathe in deep waters Bask in the sunshine rays of Autumn.


 7am – Morning contemplations: breath work, meditation & sound/chanting

8-10am – Yoga & Movement practices


2.30pm- LUNCH

5.30-6.30pm- Satsang – talk on Vedic teachings/practices (Sanskrit; Ayurveda; Yoga philosophy)

7pm -Light DINNER

8-9pm- Good night chanting/lullabies


The intention behind the retreat, aside from sunshine, sea, laughter and rest is a time to reflect on your state of health in body, mind, relationships and engagement with life.

It is a time to experience tools that can enhance wellness and contentment, transforming your life on a daily basis.

It is a time to come together as a cohesive collective. It is a time to generate positive intention for health, harmony and sustainability for happier, more harmonious relationships with loved ones, communities, society and the planet.

To facilitate the retreat and the intention, it is important the venue is a stable and neutral space for all participants.

There are a couple of specifics we ask you to acknowledge during the week:

• The daily rhythms (meals times etc) and rituals (practices) are designed in line with our bio- rhythms to support and enhance your wellness and experience during this retreat.

Vegetarian food will be served throughout the week at the venue (no meat, no fish).

• Meals this week favour lightly cooked organic vegetables, grains, legumes etc over raw foods (salads) with the exception of fresh fruit. This will help strengthen the digestive health (AGNI) and support a deeper experience of the retreat and the practices.

• There are 3 meals a day, the evening meal will be the lightest meal prior to the evening practice.

No alcohol is served at the venue during the retreat. There will be an official group dinner evening out where you of course have the option to choose as you wish.


Whilst alcohol /stimulants, meat/fish, heavy meals maybe a daily part of life for you – we ask you to consider letting go of these “props” just for the 7 days and observe the difference in your body and mind. From experience, these frameworks and guidelines help facilitate greater depth, healing and insight during the retreat. Finally- it keeps the retreat venue as a neutral space for all.

We look forward to sharing this week’s adventure with you!



Down load the 2020 booking form


Email Emily: Greek island retreat

Email Gabriella: Greek Island Retreat

Is this for ME?


If you want:

·       DAILY RITUALS: movement, yoga practices, breath work, REST and reflection

·       Sanskrit chants and sounds (sounds that calm the body, mind and refine the focus)

·       Experience clarity, inner peace and calm

·       5 Elements insights and observation: daily exploration of one of the five elements through breath work, movement, sound and nature

·       Learn more about Vedic wisdom and Yoga philosophies for harmonious modern day living


If you are open to:

·       Share a week with an open, like-minded group from late 20s-70s

·       Laughter! Drumming, movement… FREEDOM!

·       Bathing in turquoise waters

·       Silent mornings

·       Massage/Treatments

·       Vegetarian, authentic Greek food


Emily guides people to greater purpose, creativity and freedom in their lives through supporting health and well-being.

Her key focus is “energy management” and transformation.

She assists her clients and students to identify blocks and grow and evolve beyond obstacles. As a facilitator and guide she seeks to create a space and a structure that allows each individual to peel back the layers, transform and flourish.

Emily is an inspiring, 500hr ERYT yoga teacher/yoga teacher trainer; meditation teacher; Unitive life and personal development coach; Ayurvedic health counsellor and energy worker. Ancient Vedic and Tantric philosophies along with native shamanism are the backdrop to her work today. She offers one-to-one sessions for her 5 elements practices and coaching; Yoga; Meditation; Ayurvedic consultations and treatments. She also facilitates weekly classes, group workshops, courses and retreats in the UK and internationally. 


Gabriella first came into contact with Sanskrit as a little girl hearing it from her parents. She went on to study it at school, at the University of Oxford, and continues her learning to this day both in London and with yearly visits to her teachers in India. The study of Sanskrit enriches her life, through the wealth of its magnificent scriptural texts and the sounds of the language, and she knows it can enrich yours too. Gabriella sounds Sanskrit daily and credits this with helping her navigate the vicissitudes of existence! Gabriella regularly records and has recently released a new album.

Alongside Sanskrit, Gabriella sings, teaches Alexander Technique and Yoga/Mediation, and leads monthly Vedic Chanting/Kirtan sessions in London and beyond.

See www.gabriellaburnel.com 


·       2 hours daily of slow flow yoga, creative movement, meditation, breathing practices

·       2 hours daily sacred sound/music and chants at sunrise and sunset – experience how sound and chants can optimise health, wellbeing, productivity, and creativity

·       Daily satsang/discussions about Vedic philosophies (Sanskrit; Ayurveda; Yoga philosophies and the Retreat “RITUAL”)

·       7 nights accommodation

·       Transfer from the airport to Ithaca upon arrival (NB: ONLY if travelling as a group. Not for single transfers. If you arrive separate from the rest of the group you need to make your own way to Ithaca.)

·       Authentic and delicious Mediterranean cookings for the duration of your stay using the best local produce

·        Daily housekeeping

·        Beach towels

·        Homemade calendula face cream

What’s NOT included

·       Flights to Kefalonia, the neighbouring island to Ithaca. There is no airport on Ithaca. Ideally we take the same flight from London. 45 min bus from airport to sea-port. Private transit boat from Kefalonia (25 mins) to Ithaca. 15 minute bus from Ithaca port to venue.

·       Treatments/Massages- Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai Foot, Facial massage

·       Private sessions with Emily – 5 elements one to one awareness sessions and affirmations; Ayurvedic consultation/digestive health; Personal Intuitive Energy management techniques

·       Private sessions with Gabriella- Sanskrit, sound, chanting, mantras, Alexander technique

·       Excursions- you are welcome to explore the island during the afternoons, hire a car, scooter, boat, snorkelling trip, paddle board hire.

·       Dining outside the venue

·       Guided hikes to the Mycenae ruins

Accommodation PRICES

MAIN HOUSE: All rooms have en suite bathrooms and A.C


OLD LIBRARY suit with dressing room, large private terrace, double bed

·       SHARED: £1650/person

·       SINGLE: £1950

INDIA suit with twin beds (singles), private balcony

·       SHARED: £1650/person

·       SINGLE: £1400


RAAS double bedroom with private terrace

·       SHARED: £1400/person

·       SINGLE: £1650

WHITE, NEW YORK, MANGO twin bedrooms with single beds and terrace

·       SHARED: £1400/person

·       SINGLE: £1650


Set amongst the trees and under the starry skies, the yurts were designed by the owner of the venue- these are beautifully peaceful and exquisite spaces to sleep in. They are all designed to a simple and high standard. There are options with en suite and a shared bathroom.


·       SHARED twin: £1400

·       SINGLE:   £1600

YURT with en-suite:

·       SHARED twin: £1300/person

·       SINGLE: £1550

YURT with shared (separate shared bathrooms/no en-suite):

·       SHARED twin: £1200

·       SINGLE: £1400

For payment details & cancellation policy, please see BOOKING FORM. Full payment required by 1st April 2019.


Easy Jet flights to Kefalonia:

London Gatwick to Kefalonia

Flight number EZY8385

Departure 06:20 Sat 17th Oct

Arrival 12:00

Kefalonia to London Gatwick

Flight number EZY8386

Departure 12:40 Sat 24th Oct

Arrival 14:10

NB: if you book separately please ensure you arrive at the same time as the majority to get the FREE transfer to Ithaca.

Flights will continue to increase we suggest you book sooner rather than later!


ITHA108s offers one return courtesy transit from KEFALONIA to ITHACA for a group of 12 persons minimum.

If we are less then 12 people meeting on the day- there will be an additional cost of 20 EUROS each way for the water taxi transport.

NB: If you cannot make it in time with the group you need to pay for your own transit from KEFALONIA (the neighbouring island to ITHACA).