1 – 8 September 2018 | James Jewell | A week to enjoy, nourish, explore and deepen your practice

1 – 8 September 2018 | James Jewell | A week to enjoy, nourish, explore and deepen your practice

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“A week to enjoy, nourish, explore and deepen your practice – beginning, most importantly, from where you are.”

Love is the base, fabric and essence of life. Through our Hearts and our Hearts alone, we realize this truth. Yoga is one way into our Hearts to cultivate a path with love. And as Love itself, Yoga is for everyone and anyone and is not limited to any particular body type, age or set of beliefs.

My intention as a teacher is to provide an explorative environment whereloving kindness can prevail, both to ourselves, our fellow companions (and life itself). Safe, enjoyable and at times creatively, playfully fun –  where our natural, joyful movement, as nature intended, can be reclaimed. I use an intuitive approach whereby the teaching can be adapted to suit the person/group. I like to be as creative as possible to encourage, stimulate and deepen the practice and self enquiry. Small sensory movements are often practiced to heighten awareness, prepare and kneed the body, like dough -before entering other more classical postures. As such the rhythm of a session can vary enormously – sometimes with flowing sequences, other times with long-held postures and always with self-reflecting meditations and relaxations to heal and merge personal with universal. Sometimes partner work too is practiced to give, receive, learn from and appreciate the experience with others.
You do not need to be able to do headstands, shoulderstands, handstands or advanced back bends to come along and participate on the courses!
Rather I am far more interested in the quality of experience brought to each person’s  journey rather than the attainment of any physical posture. While any session may contain some more “challenging” postures, everyone is always given alternative options so that they can practice safely and wisely.
This is an integral part of the practice, one in which everyone is always encouraged to dive within themselves – to feel, question, listen and explore. Hence discovering the deep, deep springs of wisdom, energy and creativity always lying there within. To remember and realise this truth and follow the direction of self reliance and self responsibility. You are, in truth, the only person who can perceive what is happening inside you! Awareness to this truth is to then consciously walk the path of freedom through our lives.

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8 – 15 September 2018 | Ingrid Gottschalk | Welcome Home to Paradise

8 – 15 September 2018 | Ingrid Gottschalk | Welcome Home to Paradise

retreats & classes

Itha108 is a Grecian island retreat set in a place of outstanding natural beauty, providing a space specifically for peace, relaxation and practice.

After initially discovering yoga in 2001, Ingrid decided to train as a teacher in 2010, specializing in Vinyasa Flow, at Brahmani Yoga, Goa, India.

Ithaca is the backdrop for her beloved project, Itha108, which she designed and managed over 4 years alongside teaching public and private classes for locals and holidaymakers alike. Ingrid has succeeded in her vision for Itha108 that combines her eye for lifestyle design with providing a beautiful space to practice, teach and share.

The price for the week:

• £900 per person based on two sharing a room in the main house
• £1,150 per person based on single occupancy in the main house
• £950 per person based on two sharing the stone house studio
• £1250 per person based on single occupancy the stone house studio
• £900 per person based on sharing a luxury yurt en-suit bathroom
• £1,150 per person based on single occupancy luxury yurt en-suite bathroom
• £850 per person based on sharing a yurt with en-suit bathroom
• £1,050 per person based on single occupancy yurt with bathroom
• £800 per person based on two sharing a yurt, shared bathroom
• £1,000 per person based on single occupancy in a yurt, shared bathroom

Price include:

• Group transit from and to the airport by bus/taxi, sea taxi, ferry
• Accommodation
• Breakfast/brunch, lunch, tea and dinner
• Various hot and cold drinks/water/fruit/nuts/cakes/biscuits
• Beach towels
• Vinyasa flow yoga lessons each morning 1.45 – 2 hour
• Yin or Restorative yoga each afternoon 1.5 hour
• Yoga mats, blocks, belts, bolsters and blankets
• Infused olive soap, Basil or Sage
• Calendula face balm
• Internet connection
• Taxes

For more information and bookings please contact: ingrid@gottschalk.co.uk or info@itha108.com

29 September – 6 October 2018 | Meni Farkash | Positive Mind, Radiant Heart

29 September – 6 October 2018 | Meni Farkash | Positive Mind, Radiant Heart

retreats & classes


Relax, recharge and renew in this peaceful island retreat.

Put all your worries behind and experience a week filled with yoga, wholesome food, peaceful surroundings, in luxury accommodation, on one of Greece’s most beautiful islands.

The aim of the yoga practice on this retreat is to help you “shake off any unwanted baggage, to find your inner strength and learn how to let go of the need to ‘achieve’ so that you can enjoy being who you are. We will learn how to embrace a positive out look to life and find the courage and radiance in our heart through Yoga asana, Meditation and Visualisation.”

There will be about two and a half hours of an energetic, vinyasa based morning practice combined with kriya, relaxation, meditation and visualization. The hour and a half evening sessions will be a combination of Yin yoga, gentle restorative with Pranayama and yoga Nidra to help you unwind and relax while connecting to a deep sense of inner peace.

Although having yoga experience may help, the retreat is open to both beginners and the more experienced. Although the morning sessions are dynamic and challenging Meni’s style of teaching accommodates different levels of fitness and ability with a wide range of variations.

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6 – 13 October 2018 | Heather Prete, Jahna & Michael Perricone | Guided Meditation and Singing Bowls

6 – 13 October 2018 | Heather Prete, Jahna & Michael Perricone | Guided Meditation and Singing Bowls

retreats & classes

Master Tibetan singing bowl artist Michael Perricone and Mindfulness Facilitator and Vocalist Jahna Perricone, CMF join together to bring you through an amazing journey of mindful vibrations designed to enhance open awareness through the playing of ancient Tibetan singing bowls, mindful meditation and vocal toning.

It’s an experience to settle in, relax and let go of day-to-day stresses in a fun and supportive environment as we:

  • Learn to get curious about the nuances of sounds
  • Experience the beautiful vibrations of a sound bath
  • Deepen appreciation for the beauty of sounds
  • Play with Mindful Listening in the richest of ways

This transformative experience is not to be missed!

“The Mindful Tone workshop was led by excellent and knowledgeable teachers. The guided meditation opened the space for the individual to be present in the moment;the vocal chanting was extraordinary in building a group harmonic and connectedness through sound; the Tibetan bowls were played with great intuitive skill, which was coherently connected to the ‘energy’ of the group. Overall, a very amazing afternoon.”

– Michael Irwin, M.D.
Director, Mindful Awareness Research Center, UCLA Semel Institute

For further information and bookings:

Heather Prete: heatherprete@hotmail.com

Jahna Perricine: jahna@jahnamusic.com

Michael Perricone: mp@airtight.com

13 – 20 October 2018 | Louise Groenbeck & Lars Damkajaer | Yoga, Silence, Meditation, Transformation

13 – 20 October 2018 | Louise Groenbeck & Lars Damkajaer | Yoga, Silence, Meditation, Transformation

retreats & classes

Our program alternates between Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Meditation and Hatha yoga will fill our morning practise for the purpose of creating vitality and energy.

In the afternoons we will dive into a practise of self inquiry with yinmind yoga. Yinmind yoga is yin yoga infused with a mindful aproach.

Yin yoga is a meditative and immersive yoga style, where we focus more on the experience rather than the form. It is aimed at the connective tissue of the body, which is stretched and smoothed to release old tension and brings new vitality to the organs in the body while quieting and observing the mind.We are specialised in yin yoga and mindfulness and therefore the base of our teachings is a fusion between thoose two and this we call yinmind yoga.

A whole day is dedicated to meditative immersion in silence. When we are silent, we can experience and discover our bodies and senses with greater intensity. The silence will also make it clearer what draws us away from the present moment and we will be able to work with these challenges with attention and awareness.

In between the morning and afternoon yoga sessions, we will daily go to one of three beautiful beaches, just 5 minutes away on foot. The climate in October corresponds to a warm Danish summer, which makes it possible to swim in the sea, sunbathe or take a personal excursion to Kioni or Vathy – one of the beautiful island towns for shopping and cafes.

There is also the possibility of a guided island hike or you can just relax on the spot – read, take a nap, receive a massage, etc.

Everybody can participate, however, it is recommended to practice both yoga and meditation some time up to the retreat so that you are prepared for 6 days of daily practice.

The retreat is facilitated by Louise Grønbeck and Lars Damkjær. They have held yoga retreats in Denmark and Morocco for the past 6 years.

Louise Grønbeck is the owner of Yoga Vesterbro studio, Copenhagen, Dk. www.yogavesterbro.dk

Lars Damkjær is mindfulness and yoga teacher, author, etc. www.larsdamkjaer.dk

Our aproach to yoga is non striving, but with a sense of self inquiry, where we respect the bodys natural limitations and the fokus is functional, not alignmentbased. By honoring the body we have today, we explore the possibility of letting go – at least a little – of the pressure to perform, fix, optimize and attain things through yoga. If there is a goal, it would be to let go of all preferences and engage fully with this life – just as it is.

Email: kontakt@yogavesterbro.dk