Tara South

Tara South

Tara South

Dynamic Flow and Restorative Yin,

Tara’s passion is about creating safe spaces where people can open up to their internal feelings and experiences so they can grow into understanding.

Through Yoga with Tara, people connect their mind to their body and experience themselves in a way that is unique and authentic.

Tara is an internationally acclaimed Yoga teacher and practitioner, who travels around the globe to share her knowledge through workshops, retreats and yoga teacher trainings. Through her individual style, Tara utilises the physical body and movements as a way to shift the subtle energy within each of us.

Each class is designed specifically to enhance and unite the mind, body and nervous system into one practice. She offers plenty of options for all levels of yoga practitioners, so depending on how you feel for the day you get to choose the depth of your own practice.

During the retreat you will start your day with a revitalising dynamic flow practice, while the closing of everyday will see you seal up your wisdom with a deep restorative Yin session.

Tara is a student of Trauma Sensitive Yoga with David Emerson the founder of the TCTSY program, a Yoga Alliance Australia accredited teacher and a student of Narrative Therapy.

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