Athanasia Medenas & MaryAnngeline Douvikas

Athanasia Medenas & MaryAnggeline Douvikas

Athanasia Medenas & MaryAnggeline Douvikas

Movement, Breath and Creativity

Athanasia and MaryAnngeline are Greek sisters who work and play together. One continuously inspiring the other, and balancing each other’s personality like yin and yang.

Having 18 months difference between the two of them, Athanasia (a Pisces) and MaryAnngeline (a Virgo), feel that their work together compliments their backgrounds of movement, breath, and creativity. By combining their strengths, their vision is to hold sacred space for those who seek to learn more about themselves, uplifting their body, mind and spirit.

It is their deepest desire to be an inspiration of hope, healing and harmony to the world. Uniting their special bond has not only helped them heal themselves, but also, has been a source of power and healing for others.