Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher (Guest Therapist

Susan Fisher (Guest Therapist

Massage Therapist, various techniques

Susan Fischer Biography

In 2002 Susan founded her studio Serrat(u). The studio is now a well received and popular place in Zurich for taking Yoga classes and Massage treatments.

Susan accomplished with charisma, personal enthusiasm and attention to details her dream to create a peaceful place for body, mind and spirit.

During her time as a modern dancer in the ’90 she trained in Gyrotonic®-also as an instructor, dynamic Yoga and Esalen massage treatments.


Designed to ease stress, the Calm Mind treatment balances your extreme yin and yang energies. The treatment stimulates, then balances, the left and right hemispheres of your brain. A deep facial cleanse is followed by a soothing head massage, using ecologically sustainable products from Aesop to rejuvenate and brighten your skin.

Duration 45 min

50 Euro


A personalised massage journey that simultaneously works on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your wellbeing. You are prepared with a sound healing song and then enveloped with a nourishing blend of aromatic essential oils. These hydrate your skin, leaving the body feeling blissful and your spirit and soul connected.

Duration 60 min

85 Euro


This sophisticated treatment focuses on areas of tension. Concentrated pressure techniques are applied to dissolve your body’s aches and strains, using elbows and forearms to achieve a truly effective deep-tissue massage. This treatment is ideal for guests wanting to improve their inner strength. The full body massage awakens the senses and helps quieten the mind, giving you a more meditative and relaxed state.

Duration 90 min

120 Euro


Using stretching and compression massage techniques in a series of assisted yoga postures the Thai Yoga massage encourages the free flow of energy. Performed clothed, this treatment and is a dynamic, physical experience. It concludes with a cool foot massage to bring your journey full circle.

Duration 60 min

85 Euro