Holistic Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, Holistic Facial, Energy Ritual and Lymphatic Massage

TREATMENTS for guests staying at the retreat

Full Body Holistic Massage is a nurturing whole body physical mental emotional experience of sensitive communication via touch that does not follow a standard routine, it is guided by awareness and sensitivity to the process of touch and response. Sensitive communication through skilled touch.



– Holistic Aromatherapy Massage as above with the addition of chosen aromatherapy oil’s .

90 minutes


– Therapeutic Massage is an approach that unravels physical discomfort in your body applying techniques Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy NMT, Fascial Release. My aim is to hunt down blocks in your body and put movement through your system to create flow.




Lymphatic Massage Therapy stimulation of the lymphatic reflexology points of your feet to wake up your lymphatic system so that it is prepared to respond to the lymphatic massage, which clears the lymph nodes and flushes the lymph fluid towards them in a rhythmical gentle flow. With guided breath that focuses on stronger use of the diaphragm as an effective technique to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

This treatment also has the benefit of being deeply relaxing with gentle hypnotically rhythmic touch.




– Cosmic Heart Energy Ritual

You will be resting back guided into a visualization meditation specific to your Heart Chakra, surrounded by a crystal grid, holding Rose Quartz and receiving Reiki.This deep relaxation is followed by a Kundalini Yogic practice to fix the transformed energy into the nervous system and energy body.


Holistic Facial to enhance the radiance of your face by increasing the flow of lymph, blood and chi.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage of face and upper body
Deep face and neck massage
Gua Sha tools are used to work on the superficial fascia
Facial Acupressure points are also stimulated along with Reflexology points of your feet to open the channels for Chi to flow.
Products used are simple pure organic cold pressed oils, organic essential oils and organic Floral Waters.

90 minutes