10 – 17 July 2021 | Camille Willemain | Love Siren

Together, on the ancient land of the Goddess we come together into the deep labyrinth of the soul, to recollect, reclaim, and reweave the stories, the memories, and the long forgotten knowing that brings us home to the truth of who we are in the depths of our being.
Through the mirrors and invitations of Goddesses Artemis, Persephone, Gaia, Aphrodite, Hecate, Medusa, and more, we take a sacred voyage through the mythological path of womanhood. We will be exploring through dance meditation, breath work, women’s circles, priestess arts, and much more to directly access and experience deeper wells of our authentic soul truth and dynamic life force.
If you desire to intimately know yourself in shadow and in light, to remember the ancient sacred ways of the feminine, to know yourself at one with Goddess, and to re-initiate yourself onto the path of the Priestess, the Love Siren holds a magical key.

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