11 – 18 May 2024 | Ingrid Gottschalk | Yoga – Walking/Hiking – Nourish

11 – 18 May 2024 | Ingrid Gottschalk | Yoga – Walking/Hiking – Nourish

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Yoga – Walking/Hiking – Nourish

Itha108 is a Grecian Island retreat set in a place of outstanding natural beauty, providing a space specifically for peace, relaxation, and practice.

Ingrid grew up on the Swiss-German boarder but found her home in London in the late seventies, where she began a twenty-year career in finance and raised three daughters. After initially discovering yoga in 2001, Ingrid decided to train as a teacher in 2010, specialising in Vinyasa Flow, at Brahmani Yoga, Goa, India.

Ithaca is the backdrop for her beloved project, Itha108, which she designed and managed over 9 years alongside teaching public and private classes for locals and holidaymakers alike. Ingrid has succeeded in her vision for Itha108 that combines her eye for lifestyle design with providing a beautiful space to practice, teach and share.

One week of daily vinyasa flow in the morning followed by brunch, followed by an excursion and lunch on alternative days. Evening restorative/yin class, dinner – sleeping time!

On days we are not hiking, enjoy a swim in the sea below the retreat or take a boat and explore the coastline.

Please contact info@itha108 for a proposal and further questions.

Ingrid Gottschalk

28300 Ithaca





+30 6980918604

+30 26740 31463



6 – 13 July 2024 | Alexandra Evans| Freedom

6 – 13 July 2024 | Alexandra Evans| Freedom

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Our theme for the week will be freedom, what is freedom and what does it mean for you?

With gentleness and an understanding and respect for our own unique body, mind and breath we will be seeking to rejuvenate and refresh at a wonderfully deep level. The food will be delicious, the classes wonderful, the sea heavenly and the meditations at sun set are likely to be treasured in your heart forever. Ithaca’s rich history may well infuse your soul with a delight that will remain in your heart as you return to your own shores, for Ithaca is a special place, so come, join us in July.

For further information and booking a place please contact Alex:


13 – 20 July 2024 | Margherita Dal Pra

13 – 20 July 2024 | Margherita Dal Pra

retreats & classes retreats 2024

Margherita will begin each day with morning meditation, pranayama and dynamic yoga, to cultivate a sense of presence and help you gently tune into Itha108 beautiful natural surroundings.
The evening yoga sessions will be devoted to Nectar and restorative yoga to soothe your body and bring you to stillness followed by long savasana.

For more information and booking a place please contact Margerita:



Margherita Dal Pra  
Senior Yoga Teacher & Yoga Health Coach
M: +44(0)7919174071
12 – 19 October 2024 | Lucy and Ben Parker

12 – 19 October 2024 | Lucy and Ben Parker

retreats & classes retreats 2024
For information and booking a place please contact Lucy:

Lucy Parker
Co-Founder of Flow Tunbridge Wells
Senior Yoga Teacher

Trainee Integrated Counsellor & Coach
07976 439122

Winner of The Muddy Stilettos Award for Best Yoga Studio in Kent – 2018, 2019, 2021 & 2022!

To move, feel and live better find your Flow!





Katerina Karatzi
Traditional Thai Massage
“Traditional Thai Massage” or “nuad Thai” is an ancient healing system and one of the three main branches of traditional Thai medicine.
It is carried out on a mat on the floor and the recipient wears light clothing. The therapist uses thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet. It combines muscle compression, joint mobilization, acupressure (“sen lines”- Thai Meridians) and stretching. The strength might be soft medium or hard dependent on sensibility, flexibility and level of muscular tension.
It’s a wonderful combination of energy and physical exercise for body and mind alike with benefits such as: relief of myoskeletal pain, improvement of the posture and body alignment, improvement of the mobility in the joints, relief from stress and strain, creation of feeling of wellness and rejuvenation.
Sessions: Half -body, 60 min / Full body, 90-120 min
Traditional Thai Foot Massage (Reflexology)
“Traditional Thai Foot Massage” is known as a therapy to foster general good health and mental serenity. It’s a massage of the feet and also lower legs. It is both invigorating and deeply relaxing and uses hands, fingers, thumbs, stretching, acupressure and a rounded wooden stick with oil.
Thai foot Massage is really effective for tired feet, improves circulation and lymph movement, reduces stiffness and improves flexibility, lifts your mood and leaves you with a general feeling of tranquility, calmness and wellbeing.
Session: 60 min

Swedish (Holistic) Massage with essential oils:
Swedish massage is consisted of five basic techniques:
• “Effleurage”, that is fast gentle movements that elevate body temperature
• “Petrissage”, that activates smoothly the muscles
• “ Tapotement”, gently raps with the side of the palm
• “Friction”, where with the help of all fingers are massaged the hard and the inflexible muscles
• “Trembling”, where with the entire palm put pressure while vibrating the hard joints of the muscle.
Swedish massage is applied to the whole body from the head and face to the legs and it helps reduce muscle tension, improves circulation and metabolism, removes toxins from the tissues, decreases stress and balances the body’s energy.
Sessions: ( back, hands, neck)-45 min / Full Back Body- 60 min/ Full body and Face- 90 min

Katerina Karatzi was born in Chalkida, Greece, in 1986.
At the age of 18 she moved to Athens to study as an “Inspector of Public Health”.
For the past 8 years she has been a professional African dance performer, giving classes to adults and children.
Five years ago, her fascination for the human body led her to train as a Holistic massage therapist, also learning Traditional Thai massage and Thai foot massage from renowned teachers.
She continues her training, receiving instruction on the Pilates method and other types of massage.