15 – 22 October 2022 | Emily Reed & Gabriella Burnel | Discover  the Heart of Living

15 – 22 October 2022 | Emily Reed & Gabriella Burnel | Discover the Heart of Living

This week was postponed from 2021
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Discover the HEART of Living on Ithaca – A week to EMPTY your Mind and FILL your SOUL


Morning silence – Meditation – Breath work

Sanskrit – Chanting – Sacred sound

Movement – Yoga

Ayurveda – 5 elements – Nature’s balm

UN-PLUG & Peel back the layers


Join senior yoga teacher and holistic ayurvedic health counsellor Emily Reed &

international sanskrit singer & teacher Gabriella Burnel to:

Bathe in deep waters Bask in the sunshine rays of Autumn.


 7am – Morning contemplations: breath work, meditation & sound/chanting

8-10am – Yoga & Movement practices


2.30pm- LUNCH

5.30-6.30pm- Satsang – talk on Vedic teachings/practices (Sanskrit; Ayurveda; Yoga philosophy)

7pm -Light DINNER

8-9pm- Good night chanting/lullabies


The intention behind the retreat, aside from sunshine, sea, laughter and rest is a time to reflect on your state of health in body, mind, relationships and engagement with life.

It is a time to experience tools that can enhance wellness and contentment, transforming your life on a daily basis.

It is a time to come together as a cohesive collective. It is a time to generate positive intention for health, harmony and sustainability for happier, more harmonious relationships with loved ones, communities, society and the planet.

To facilitate the retreat and the intention, it is important the venue is a stable and neutral space for all participants.

There are a couple of specifics we ask you to acknowledge during the week:

• The daily rhythms (meals times etc) and rituals (practices) are designed in line with our bio- rhythms to support and enhance your wellness and experience during this retreat.

Vegetarian food will be served throughout the week at the venue (no meat, no fish).

• Meals this week favour lightly cooked organic vegetables, grains, legumes etc over raw foods (salads) with the exception of fresh fruit. This will help strengthen the digestive health (AGNI) and support a deeper experience of the retreat and the practices.

• There are 3 meals a day, the evening meal will be the lightest meal prior to the evening practice.

No alcohol is served at the venue during the retreat. There will be an official group dinner evening out where you of course have the option to choose as you wish.


Whilst alcohol /stimulants, meat/fish, heavy meals maybe a daily part of life for you – we ask you to consider letting go of these “props” just for the 7 days and observe the difference in your body and mind. From experience, these frameworks and guidelines help facilitate greater depth, healing and insight during the retreat. Finally- it keeps the retreat venue as a neutral space for all.

We look forward to sharing this week’s adventure with you!



Down load the 2020 booking form


Email Emily: Greek island retreat

Email Gabriella: Greek Island Retreat

Is this for ME?


If you want:

·       DAILY RITUALS: movement, yoga practices, breath work, REST and reflection

·       Sanskrit chants and sounds (sounds that calm the body, mind and refine the focus)

·       Experience clarity, inner peace and calm

·       5 Elements insights and observation: daily exploration of one of the five elements through breath work, movement, sound and nature

·       Learn more about Vedic wisdom and Yoga philosophies for harmonious modern day living


If you are open to:

·       Share a week with an open, like-minded group from late 20s-70s

·       Laughter! Drumming, movement… FREEDOM!

·       Bathing in turquoise waters

·       Silent mornings

·       Massage/Treatments

·       Vegetarian, authentic Greek food


Emily guides people to greater purpose, creativity and freedom in their lives through supporting health and well-being.

Her key focus is “energy management” and transformation.

She assists her clients and students to identify blocks and grow and evolve beyond obstacles. As a facilitator and guide she seeks to create a space and a structure that allows each individual to peel back the layers, transform and flourish.

Emily is an inspiring, 500hr ERYT yoga teacher/yoga teacher trainer; meditation teacher; Unitive life and personal development coach; Ayurvedic health counsellor and energy worker. Ancient Vedic and Tantric philosophies along with native shamanism are the backdrop to her work today. She offers one-to-one sessions for her 5 elements practices and coaching; Yoga; Meditation; Ayurvedic consultations and treatments. She also facilitates weekly classes, group workshops, courses and retreats in the UK and internationally. 


Gabriella first came into contact with Sanskrit as a little girl hearing it from her parents. She went on to study it at school, at the University of Oxford, and continues her learning to this day both in London and with yearly visits to her teachers in India. The study of Sanskrit enriches her life, through the wealth of its magnificent scriptural texts and the sounds of the language, and she knows it can enrich yours too. Gabriella sounds Sanskrit daily and credits this with helping her navigate the vicissitudes of existence! Gabriella regularly records and has recently released a new album.

Alongside Sanskrit, Gabriella sings, teaches Alexander Technique and Yoga/Mediation, and leads monthly Vedic Chanting/Kirtan sessions in London and beyond.

See www.gabriellaburnel.com 


·       2 hours daily of slow flow yoga, creative movement, meditation, breathing practices

·       2 hours daily sacred sound/music and chants at sunrise and sunset – experience how sound and chants can optimise health, wellbeing, productivity, and creativity

·       Daily satsang/discussions about Vedic philosophies (Sanskrit; Ayurveda; Yoga philosophies and the Retreat “RITUAL”)

·       7 nights accommodation

·       Transfer from the airport to Ithaca upon arrival (NB: ONLY if travelling as a group. Not for single transfers. If you arrive separate from the rest of the group you need to make your own way to Ithaca.)

·       Authentic and delicious Mediterranean cookings for the duration of your stay using the best local produce

·        Daily housekeeping

·        Beach towels

·        Homemade calendula face cream

What’s NOT included

·       Flights to Kefalonia, the neighbouring island to Ithaca. There is no airport on Ithaca. Ideally we take the same flight from London. 45 min bus from airport to sea-port. Private transit boat from Kefalonia (25 mins) to Ithaca. 15 minute bus from Ithaca port to venue.

·       Treatments/Massages- Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai Foot, Facial massage

·       Private sessions with Emily – 5 elements one to one awareness sessions and affirmations; Ayurvedic consultation/digestive health; Personal Intuitive Energy management techniques

·       Private sessions with Gabriella- Sanskrit, sound, chanting, mantras, Alexander technique

·       Excursions- you are welcome to explore the island during the afternoons, hire a car, scooter, boat, snorkelling trip, paddle board hire.

·       Dining outside the venue

·       Guided hikes to the Mycenae ruins

Accommodation PRICES

MAIN HOUSE: All rooms have en suite bathrooms and A.C


OLD LIBRARY suit with dressing room, large private terrace, double bed

·       SHARED: £1650/person

·       SINGLE: £1950

INDIA suit with twin beds (singles), private balcony

·       SHARED: £1650/person

·       SINGLE: £1400


RAAS double bedroom with private terrace

·       SHARED: £1400/person

·       SINGLE: £1650

WHITE, NEW YORK, MANGO twin bedrooms with single beds and terrace

·       SHARED: £1400/person

·       SINGLE: £1650


Set amongst the trees and under the starry skies, the yurts were designed by the owner of the venue- these are beautifully peaceful and exquisite spaces to sleep in. They are all designed to a simple and high standard. There are options with en suite and a shared bathroom.


·       SHARED twin: £1400

·       SINGLE:   £1600

YURT with en-suite:

·       SHARED twin: £1300/person

·       SINGLE: £1550

YURT with shared (separate shared bathrooms/no en-suite):

·       SHARED twin: £1200

·       SINGLE: £1400

For payment details & cancellation policy, please see BOOKING FORM. Full payment required by 1st April 2019.


Easy Jet flights to Kefalonia:

London Gatwick to Kefalonia

Flight number EZY8385

Departure 06:20 Sat 17th Oct

Arrival 12:00

Kefalonia to London Gatwick

Flight number EZY8386

Departure 12:40 Sat 24th Oct

Arrival 14:10

NB: if you book separately please ensure you arrive at the same time as the majority to get the FREE transfer to Ithaca.

Flights will continue to increase we suggest you book sooner rather than later!


ITHA108s offers one return courtesy transit from KEFALONIA to ITHACA for a group of 12 persons minimum.

If we are less then 12 people meeting on the day- there will be an additional cost of 20 EUROS each way for the water taxi transport.

NB: If you cannot make it in time with the group you need to pay for your own transit from KEFALONIA (the neighbouring island to ITHACA).


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